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Powering America since 1864

Since 1864, CONSOL Energy has been the power behind America. Today, we are an industry leader using our experience and innovative vision to create energy for the future.

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It began in 1864, when several western Maryland coal operators decided to "consolidate" their holdings to form the Consolidation Coal Company but operation of the new company was delayed due to the Civil War. Consolidation Coal Company officially began in 1864; the year most historians believe was the turning point of the Civil War which ended with General Lee's surrender in 1865.



Throughout its long history, CONSOL Energy grew through expansion of existing operations and by acquiring other coal mining companies and reserves throughout all of the major coal fields in the United States.

The Great Depression


Almost forced into receivership by The Great Depression, CONSOL Energy reorganized and restructured its coal operations, emerging from near bankruptcy to end the decade of the 1930s financially solid and secure.

World War II and Post-War


Plunged into aiding the war effort as were many U.S. companies, CONSOL Energy responded by supplying vital coal energy for transportation and home heating needs. Many CONSOL employees also responded by serving in the Armed Forces. After the war, a merger formed the Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company.



As markets for coal began to change, CONSOL Energy responded by expanding existing operations and acquiring other coal companies and reserves. It was also during this time that CONSOL turned to coal research and development for innovative ways to improve mine safety, production and utilization.



With increased competition and volatility in the coal industry, CONSOL Energy again adapted to the changing marketplace for energy worldwide by a strong commitment to longwall mining systems in its larger underground mines. Longwall systems are the safest and most productive method of underground coal mining. 

April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010

CONSOL Energy acquires the Appalachian exploration and production business of Dominion Resources, Inc. making it the largest and among the fastest growing producers of natural gas in the Appalachian basin. The acquisition gives CONSOL Energy approximately 750,000 Marcellus Shale acres in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, accounting for over 9,000 wells.

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June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

CONSOL Energy Inc. completes its acquisition of CNX Gas further solidifying the company as a multi-fuel energy producer.

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