Jimmy A. Brock

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy A. Brock serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of CONSOL Energy. Prior to, Mr. Brock served as Chief Operating Officer - Coal of CONSOL Energy, as well as Chief Executive Officer and Director of CONSOL Coal Resources GP LLC, our wholly-owned subsidiary and the general partner of CONSOL Coal Resources LP. He served as Senior Vice President - Northern Appalachia - West Virginia Operations of CONSOL Energy from 2007 to 2010, and from 2006 to 2007, he served as Vice President - Operations. Mr. Brock began his career with CONSOL Energy in 1979 at the Matthews Mine and has held many positions including Section Foreman, Longwall Coordinator, General Mine Foreman and Superintendent at various locations. Mr. Brock’s extensive knowledge of the industry and our operations gained during his years of service with CONSOL Energy in positions of increasing responsibility in its coal operations provide the Company with valuable experience.

David M. Khani

Chief Financial Officer

David M. Khani, serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of CONSOL Energy. Mr. Khani served the same role at CNX Resources Corporation (formerly known as CONSOL Energy Inc.) from March 1, 2013 to August 2, 2017. Mr. Khani joined CNX Resources Corporation in 2011 as Vice President of Finance, where he played a key role in the growth of its E&P business. Prior to joining CNX Resources Corporation, Mr. Khani was with FBR Capital Markets & Co., an investment banking and advisory firm, and held the following positions: Director of Research from February 2007 through October 2010, and then Co-Director of Research from November 2010 through August 2011. Mr. Khani also serves as Chief Financial Officer and a Board Member of CONSOL Coal Resources GP LLC and CONE Midstream Partners LP.

James J. McCaffrey

Senior Vice President of Coal Marketing

James J. McCaffrey serves as Senior Vice President of Coal Marketing for CONSOL Energy. Prior to this, he was Senior Vice President of Sales for CONSOL Energy Sales Company. Previously, he jointly held the positions of Vice President of Materials & Supply Chain Management and Senior Vice President of CNX Land Resources and was responsible for land management, purchasing functions and Fairmont Supply Company. He held the position of Vice President of Marketing Services from 2003 to 2005. He also has experience as Vice President and General Manager in the coal operations group. Mr. McCaffrey joined CONSOL in 1976 as a coal miner and advanced progressively through operating and management positions at Bailey and Enlow Fork mines, culminating in being promoted to mine superintendent at Enlow Fork mine and subsequently at Mine 84.

Kurt R. Salvatori

Chief Administrative Officer

Kurt R. Salvatori serves as Chief Administrative Officer of CONSOL Energy. Previously, Mr. Salvatori served as Vice President of Administration for CONSOL Pennsylvania Coal Company, Vice President of Shared Services for CONSOL Energy from 2016 to January 2017, and prior to that as Vice President Human Resources from September 2011 to June 2016. Mr. Salvatori joined CONSOL Energy in April 1992 and held numerous positions at CONSOL Energy and CNX Gas Corporation, including Director of Human Resources, Manager of Human Resources, and Supervisor of Retirement and Investment Plans from April 2002 to January 2005.

Eric V. Schubel

Vice President of Operations

Eric V. Schubel serves as Vice President of Operations for CONSOL Energy. In this position, Mr. Schubel oversees the Pennsylvania Mining Complex inclusive of our Bailey, Enlow Fork and Harvey mines and Central Preparation Plant. Prior to this role, he served as General Superintendent at various mining operations for the company, most recently at Bailey Mine. Mr. Schubel has 34 years of experience in the industry, all of those with CONSOL.

Martha A. Wiegand

General Counsel and Secretary

Martha A. Wiegand serves as General Counsel and Secretary of CONSOL Energy. Ms. Wiegand joined CONSOL Energy’s Legal Department in December 2008 as Senior Counsel and was promoted to Associate General Counsel of CONSOL Energy effective in 2012, where she was responsible for a variety of legal matters, including coal and natural gas marketing and transportation, labor and employment, financing arrangements and certain corporate transactions. Prior to joining CONSOL, Ms. Wiegand worked for approximately 10 years for several large Pittsburgh-based law firms, where she handled financing and corporate transactions for clients in the banking and energy industries, among others. She is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and a member of the American Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation.