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Dick Winschel
Research & Development
4000 Brownsville Road
South Park, PA 15129-9566

Phone: (412) 854-6600

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CONSOL Energy maintains a research and development facility that is devoted to fossil fuel production and use. In addition to supporting the production of CONSOL Energy's natural gas and coal operations, it also focuses on energy development, improving energy efficiency and emissions reduction. Currently there are many interesting projects underway at the research and development facility, including:

  • Improving coal blends for making steel
  • Replacing diesel fuel and gasoline with natural gas in CONSOL's coal and gas operations
  • Developing and demonstrating innovative water treatment technologies for our coal and gas operations
  • Storing carbon dioxide in unmineable coal seams

Met Coal Testing


Environmental Initiatives


CONSOL Energy R&D also offers the technical expertise of its staff and its specialized facilities to clients from a wide range of private and public organizations. Services include:

  • Research project coordination and execution
  • Analytical sampling, measurements and consulting
  • Air emission sample testing and consulting
  • Pulverization of coal and coke for bulk shipment
  • Pilot plant design, construction and operation
  • Metallurgical coal and coke testing and research

Energy Initiatives