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Overview of CONSOL Energy Coal Operations

Where geology is favorable and CONSOL Energy reserves are sufficient, the company utilizes longwall mining systems in its underground mines. Mines equipped with longwall technology are highly mechanized and provide increased production.

An integral part of the longwall mining process is the continuous mining machines. These units are used to carve out the longwall panels by driving "entries" into the coal seam, providing access for miners and equipment, streams of air for ventilation purposes, the dimensions of longwall panels and escape routes.


Location : Southwestern Pennsylvania
Method : Longwall system and continuous mining machines
# of Mine Sites : Three
2015 Production : 22.8 million tons
Seam : Pittsburgh 8

In 2015, an initial public offering was executed for 20% of the complex. It is currently trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol CNXC.

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Location : Southern West Virgina / Mingo County
Method : Continuous mining machines, stripping shovels and front-end loaders
# of Mine Sites : One
2015 Production : 2.1 million tons 
Seam : Upper Dorothy (coalburg), Kittanning, Freeport, Coalburg Rider, Stockton and 5 Block



For sales information, contact:

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Sr. VP Sales
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Manager - Energy Sales & Transportation
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