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Scotia Howard Weil 2017 Energy Conference Presentation

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From the safety of our employees to the environment and communities in which we work and live, CONSOL Energy’s corporate responsibility efforts are rooted in our core values and woven throughout the fabric of our corporate culture.

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logo 4/17 Which counties produced the most shale natural gas in 2016?
logo 4/3 Appalachian drillers return to spending, but production may not follow suit
logo 3/28 Oil, gas upswing energizing region
3/27 Eastern Ohio Sets Bar for Natural Gas Production
logo 3/25 Multiple signs point to modest turnaround in region's natural gas industry
logo 3/21 Study: State could support up to four more ethane crackers
3/15 7th Grade Science Welcomes CONSOL Guest Speakers
2/27 State officials keeping fingers crossed for Ohio cracker plant development
logo 2/23 County economic development scorecard posts another healthy year
logo 2/15
logo 2/2
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logo 11/7 Economic impact of fracking strong at regional, state levels, Dartmouth researchers say
logo 11/1 Gas drillers eyeing Utica shale's promise
logo 11/1 Energy Spotlight: Katharine Fredriksen
logo 10/27 Continued cost-cutting is helping CONSOL Energy in turning a profit
logo 10/27 CONSOL turns in $119M profit in 3Q
logo 10/24 5 honored for service to mining industry
logo 10/12 New law opens gates for companies to frack with mine water
logo 10/11 Morris housing development a good sign for western Greene Co.
logo 10/10 Gas drilling revenue lets airport authority lower its rates
logo 10/7 Morris Township and CONSOL Energy partner for new housing development
logo 9/28 Operators say IP rates indicate great potential from deep Utica dry gas
logo 9/13 Coal used to make steel still making money for CONSOL
logo 8/25 Appalachian Producers Considering More Pennsylvania Utica as Budget Season Nears
logo 8/5 Moon OKs last of 6 CONSOL drilling pads
logo 8/5 CONE Midstream posts profit in 2Q, ups cash distribution
logo 7/29 Here's why Utica/Marcellus shale's making up 85% of U.S. natural gas growth
logo 7/2 911th Airlift Wing Crew Practice Airdrops
 logo 7/2 Airdrop in action in Harrison County
Logo 7/1 Southwest Virginia Companies Bring Home Prizes from Gas and Oil Meeting
Logo 6/29 Burket-Geneseo Shale: The Next Super Giant?
6/25 Agency Predicts More Shale Gas Production
Logo 6/24 Drillers Share Keys to Boosting Efficiency at DUG East Conference in Pittsburgh
logo 6/18 CONSOL Joins Barbour County Family to Improve Philippi Library
logo 6/15 CNX Coal Launches IPO
logo 5/19 After Months of Prep, CONSOL Energy Begins Fracking First Wells at Airport
logo 5/15 Why CONSOL has Less at Risk when it Comes to Power-plant Retirements
logo 5/15 CONSOL Training Academy in Amwell Draws 100 Students
logo 5/13 CONSOL Increases Natural Gas Production
logo 5/11 Cone Midstream Sees 1Q Profits Rise
logo 5/5 CONSOL's Fuel-Flexibility Contract Aims to Reduce Losers in Bets on Coal Versus Gas
logo 5/4 Carmichaels team wins Greene County Envirothon
logo 4/28 CONSOL's Natural Gas Production Climbed in First Quarter
logo 4/27 CONSOL Energy Donation Provides Harrison County First Graders with Smoke Detectors
logo 4/24 Leading Operators Improve Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Multiwell Pad Operations
logo 4/10 New fire station built in Findlay
logo 4/8 MSHA Conducts Test Run of New Rescue Communication System at CONSOL Mine
logo 4/8 CONSOL Tests New Mine Rescue Communications System
logo 4/7 CSSD Certifies Third Appalachian Operator with Largest Operational Audit Yet
logo 4/7 CONSOL Energy Earns Sustainability Certification
logo 4/5 Energy Companies Explore Lower Shales for Greater Yields of Gas, Liquids
logo 4/2 CONSOL Energy Rolls out Equipment to Cut Emissions at its Airport Drilling Operations
logo 4/1 CONSOL donates $40,000 for training room at new Imperial fire station
logo 4/1 CONSOL's Northern Appalachia coal MLP aims to outcompete PRB, Illinois Basin mines
logo 4/1 CONSOL Energy files for IPO of coal spin-off
logo 3/26 Oil and gas companies thrive in Jane Lew
logo 3/16 CONSOL Energy Inc. Makes Donation to Community Foundation's Education Funds
logo 3/13 West Greene Pioneering Careers in Energy Program
logo 3/12 Natural Gas Worth $2.4B Over Past 2 Years in Economic Impact to Washington County: Report
logo 3/8 Spotlight: George Rosato of CONSOL Energy Inc.
logo 3/3 SNL Analysis: Utica, Marcellus Drillers' Margins Stay High Despite Price Drop
logo 2/26 CONE Midstream Pushes Past Goals for Pipeline Ahead of Schedule
logo 2/14 Mud Serves as Multipurpose Tool in $100B Shale Industry
logo 2/8 Energy Spotlight: Kirby Walker
logo 2/3 CONSOL Energy Has More Gas to Burn
logo 2/3 CONSOL Energy Reaches Gas Production Milestone
logo 2/3 CONSOL Seeks to Work With Communities
logo 1/30 Amid Downturn, CONSOL Stays Focused on Shift from Coal to NatGas
logo 1/30 CONSOL Energy Posts $74M Profit in Fourth Quarter
logo 1/30 CONSOL Energy Revenue, Production Volumes Rise
logo 1/18 New Youth Baseball and Softball Facility Open in Lewis County
logo 1/18 Lewis Baseball Association Opens Indoor Facility
logo 1/13 CONSOL Energy Exec Dugan Optimistic About Natural Gas Drilling
logo 1/11 Center for Sustainable Shale Development Aims to Raise Standards
logo 1/2 Pittsburgh Trib Review Names CONSOL Energy CEO Nick DeIuliis One of the Region's Top "people to watch in 2015"
logo 1/1 Generational Shift: CONSOL Safety Supervisor Balances Age and Grace Under Pressure



Which counties produced the most shale natural gas in 2016?



Appalachian drillers return to spending, but production may not follow suit