Land Resources

CONSOL Energy Inc. owns thousands of acres of coal and surface properties in support of our coal operations. As our core values of Safety, Compliance and Continuous Improvement guide the way, stewardship of our land assets is a priority within our business.

Land Management

Managing our coal and surface assets requires a dedicated team of land professionals focused on maximizing the value of our natural resources while promoting sustainable and responsible practices. Some key roles in our organization include Land Agents, Land Administrators and GIS Analysts.

Land Agents

  • Foster relationships with property owners and other stakeholders through negotiations in support of our coal operations
  • Collaborate with regulatory agencies to exceed industry compliance standards
  • Manage best-use real estate practices to monetize the full realization of our surplus assets

Land Administrators

  • Manage all corporate land records and property tax obligations to ensure compliance with the applicable terms and conditions of the agreements and tax authority laws & regulations thereby protecting all company-wide assets
  • Strategic financial planning to accomplish land-related goals of the company and maximize shareholder value

GIS Analysts

  • Leverage GIS expertise to make well-informed business decisions
  • Provide company-wide access to spatial data through web-based mapping technologies
  • Manage and analyze company assets from a world-view perspective, enabling coal operations to maximize shareholder value and achieve production goals


CONSOL values the local communities in which we operate and takes pride in the management of our natural resources. As such, we partner with public and private organizations to practice safe and responsible conservation efforts to enrich the lives of citizens by preserving natural landscapes and providing public recreation areas. In addition, CONSOL contracts consultants to manage timber and land restoration in order to minimize impact and to enhance local wildlife habitat.

CONSOL recognizes that we are all in this together, and with our greater than 150-year history, we value safety, compliance, ethics and sustainability in hopes that our land management practices will support future generations.