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CONSOL Energy Board of Directors Gives Final Approval to Separation of the Coal and E&P Businesses; Board Authorizes Increase to Share Repurchase Program

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From the safety of our employees to the environment and communities in which we work and live, CONSOL Energy’s corporate responsibility efforts are rooted in our core values and woven throughout the fabric of our corporate culture.

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Keeping our environment Always On.

CONSOL Energy has positioned itself as a top-tier environmental steward while successfully developing resources to supply national and global energy needs. We never stop identifying opportunities and implementing solutions that drive safety, production, and utilization of our strategic resources in smarter, more efficient ways.

We strive to operate in an environmentally sound, reliable and efficient manner. Furthermore, we recognize that both our environmental responsibilities go beyond those required under statutory obligations. That’s why we design and operate our business to exceed the expectations of our employees, communities, regulators and shareholders.

Environmental Management

As a natural resource extraction company, we recognize the importance of environmental management, and we practice the responsible use of the land, water and air in our operational areas. Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations is not only expected, but is a condition of employment at CONSOL. Environmental excellence is our goal, and we plan and operate our businesses to ensure we meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) was designed to provide a framework for business aspects and continuous improvement related to environmental compliance, based upon the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 management system. The EMS addresses and manages the impact of activities and processes on the environment, drives continual improvement in managing environmental impacts, and seeks opportunities to improve the integration of business functions with environmental performance. Following a systematic approach of effective planning, review and corrective action, each of CONSOL Energy’s operations assesses priorities and sets environmental goals related to minimizing our impact on an annual basis.

CONSOL Energy Environmental Policy

The safety and health of our employees and contractors, and full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our businesses, are CONSOL's top two core values. Therefore, we strive to conduct our operations to avoid adverse impacts to human health and to operate in an environmentally sound, reliable, and efficient manner.

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and have established objectives to:

  • Continuously improve compliance within our operating permits
  • Avoid, reduce, or minimize the environmental footprint of our operations
  • Maximize water reuse
  • Reduce process air emissions

Our performance is monitored continuously and reported annually. Updates and corrections are made as business conditions warrant.



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