Message from the CEO

2018 brought a fresh start for CONSOL Energy. Upon completing the separation from our former parent company in the fourth quarter of 2017, we became an independent, stand-alone publicly traded coal company. This restructuring brought temporary disruption and uncertainty, but it also put us in a position to be a coal industry leader once again - stronger than before. We believe that the long-term utilization of our coal across the world is vital and we have taken steps to better ensure that we fulfill that vision, by embracing our past and looking forward to an innovation and technology based future.

Our Company is built on a foundation of safety, compliance and continuous improvement and we will continue to build on this base as we strive to be the safest, most responsible coal company in the world. Our commitment to responsible business practices is woven into the fabric of CONSOL Energy and creates long-term value for our employees, customers, stockholders, and the communities where we live and work.

Our approach to corporate sustainability focuses first-and-foremost around the safety of our workforce. Additionally, we strive to be a good neighbor to the communities in which we operate. We have committed to establishing the CONSOL CARES FOUNDATION to be operated exclusively for the benefit of the communities within which we operate to make them better places to live, work and prosper by creating access to opportunities so people can live better. The Foundation will seek to strengthen the resilience and cohesion of these communities through focused giving to promote the health and safety of these communities.

Key accomplishments stemming from our commitment to our core values and corporate sustainability presented in this report include:

  • An employee incident rate 31% lower than the national average
  • An environmental compliance record exceeding 99.9%
  • A 42% reduction in surface, ground, and municipal water withdrawals.

We are focused on creating a better tomorrow. We started a new journey in 2018, and I encourage you to learn more about CONSOL Energy in our inaugural 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report.

Jimmy Brock
President and Chief Executive Officer